Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Dear welcome to our FAQ’s section. This is where we already have answers to your questions even before you ask them. This is all in the bid to give you the best of online shopping experience. You can also contact us for further questions and inquiries. Now, let us take a rundown of some FAQ’s and our answers;

How Do We Ensure Your Card Entered Into Our System is Secured?:

Our website is SSL secured and we use our payment partners Stripe & Paypal to process payments. Your card information are encrypted while it’s processed through our secured SSL system. You may read privacy and policy of our partners here Stripe and Paypal

How Do I Search For Products?

This is quite easy; you can search for products by simply typing the name or the keyword of the product you wish to purchase in the search bar at the top of any page on the site. We would also advise that you use a general name, description, or keyword when searching for a particular product. This will give you a lot of varieties from our large stock of quality products to choose from. The more precise the keyword, the lesser the number of products you will get on the search page. You can get more details on any product of your choice by clicking on the name or image of the product.

How Do We Calculate Shipping Costs?

As you may have noticed, we offer free shipping on most of our stocks, but some products require minimal cost for shipping, and these costs are calculated based on two criterion, which are: Mode of transport (air, land, or sea), and the weight/volume of the product. Different shipping companies come with different rates. So, we would also advise you to do a check on which would be most beneficial and economical for you. Feel free to contact us directly for detailed information on how we calculate shipping costs.

What Are Your Returns Policy ?

Please read our full policy here to ensure you are aware about our returns policy.

Do You Offer Wholesale Package?

We have warehouses in almost all continients of the world, and ship our supplies to over 300 countries, therefore we are able to tailor a wholesale package for new and established businesess worldwide, please contact us for a bespoke package for your new business, including private branding options.

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